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temperature take

Thank you for taking part in our temperature take of fuel poverty research. This survey is intended for people working in research, policy and/or practice relating to fuel poverty.

It should take 5 - 10 minutes.

This is Stage 2 of a two-stage survey. In the first stage, 50 experts across academia, policy and practice shared their thoughts on the current state of fuel poverty research, future directions for the field, and the challenges ahead.

In this stage, we’re asking a larger group of people involved with fuel poverty to answer some simple ‘closed’ questions. These seek to endorse (or otherwise) the views of the initial respondents and to begin to prioritise those future directions and challenges.

This is a survey of personal views. Please answer the following 8 questions as an individual. We do not want responses on behalf of organisations, but we would encourage you to let your colleagues know about the survey as well as any other appropriate members of your wider professional network.

The survey closes middnight on 21st June.